SC3 International 

SC3 International believes that strong investments lead to smart growth and exemplifies this belief in its own development.  SC3 International is an acquisitions and development company focused on growth through diversity and support of promising entrepreneurs with good character. Beginning in 1994 with a single company, SC3 International has grown exponentially and is now responsible for more than 600 employees across 16 companies conducting business in both domestic and international markets. SC3 International is headquartered in Denver, CO.

SC3 International Executive Team:

Steven B. Chavez – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Chavez is the leadership behind the strength of SC3 International. Beginning with the purchase of his first company in 1995, Integrated Control Systems Inc., Mr. Chavez brings more than 25 years of construction experience on projects including government facilities, hospitals, schools, data centers, sports arenas and office complexes. Today, Chavez holds more than 16 companies and employs more than 400 in the Southwest. Chavez maintains a hands-on management role within each company while setting the highest standards of training, customer service and project management. Mr. Chavez is focused and determined to give back to the community that has supported him by making smart development decisions and driving economic change in the State of New Mexico.

Email:         Mailing Address: 4020 Vassar Dr NE, Suite H, Albuquerque, NM  87107

J. Kyle Bodhaine – Chief Operations Officer

In this role, Mr. Bodhaine maintains focus on strategic, tactical and short-term operations management for more than 15 companies all under the umbrella of the SC3 International management team including the oversight and guidance of operational design, functionality and improvement of existing operational systems. In addition, he drives the recommendation process for future acquisitions based on company background and historic fiscal performance. Bodhaine joined SC3 International with more than 30 years of experience in construction, architecture and project management. Most recently, he was President of Reid & Associates, a construction management group, and was responsible for all project management, marketing, sales and day-to-day operations.

Email:         Mailing Address: 4020 Vassar Dr NE, Suite H, Albuquerque, NM  87107

Season Elliott – VP, Communications and Development

With a strategic focus and efficient tactical execution for each business, Ms. Elliott approaches branding, marketing, advertising and public relations with a mission to achieve business goals through strategically planned and targeted marketing and communications efforts that are measurable, time bound and executed with a fiscally-responsible mind.  In addition to her core responsibilities, she also directs consumer usability, testing and development efforts to ensure new product launches are successful.

Since 2001, Elliott has been an active advertising and marketing professional in various capacities and industries. Her primary objective is to translate established business goals into actionable and measurable marketing strategies/tactics that impact revenue, consumer reach and reinforce the company brand.

Email:    Mailing Address: 4020 Vassar Dr NE, Suite H, Albuquerque, NM  87107